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Owning a Racehorse

At KPF Racing we can help you turn the dream of owning a racehorse into reality.

From the first class facilities at Induna Stables, to the wealth of knowledge of the team to ensure unrivalled care for your horse.


Our fantastic team would be happy to discuss packages to suit. 


Partnership Shares Available

We have other private individuals that have expressed an interest in purchasing a share in a horse, ranging from keeping a 10% to 50% share, with initial investment ranging from £2000 to £20,000 +.


If this type of ownership would be of interest to you it would probably be best to have a chat on the telephone so that I can better understand your ownership goals and hopefully create a partnership with other likeminded individuals.


The training fees for a horse in a partnership are the same for those in sole-ownership,

but are of course invoiced on a % basis according to ownership %.

Sole Ownership Fees

Our daily training fees are £69 (+vat) per day.


In addition to this, charges will be made for Farrier, Veterinary fees, Physiotherapy, Transport, Racing, Gallop Fees and any other additional costs that the horse incurs.

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